Romeo Crennel – Oldest head coach in NFL history

With Bill O’Brien out in Houston and veteran colleague (and previous Browns and Chiefs) coach Romeo Crennel raised to the break work, Crennel is ready to impact the world forever.

Through NFL Research, Crennel will become the oldest person to coach a NFL game in the history of the league.

Crennel is 73. The next oldest coach in 101 NFL seasons was George Halas, who coached the Bears at 72.

The record could be broken within the following barely any years, by Pete Carroll and afterward by Bill Belichick. Notwithstanding, Crennel’s name goes into extremely old record book, by ethicalness of being almost 75% of exceptionally old when supplanting Bill O’Brien as the head coach in Houston.

The last time Crennel served as an interim head coach, he did what’s needed to win the perpetual activity in Kansas City. He’ll have 12 games to try out for the opportunity to coach the Texans when he’s 74, and perhaps past.