Reza Goodary, an Iranian martial arts legionnaire in preparation to enter the world of Mixed martial arts

Reza Goodry, a successful Iranian martial artist and legionnaire who became the first non-Japanese person to win the country’s freestyle karate championship twice in a row. These days, he is training to enter the field of mixed martial arts competitions.

The 2016 World Free Karate Championships, with his single bronze medal, managed to make Iran the runner-up, the first non-Japanese person.

He has won the Japanese championship in Okinawa for two consecutive years. He is also free during the World Karate Cup Hosted by Osaka, he was able to be among the top eight.

He said: “I started sports with judo and Kung-fu at an early age and finally got into karate professionally.”

Then, referring to the titles won in various overseas competitions, he added: During 2018 to 2020, I had eight professional fights and I have won 20 international jujitsu fights in Bangkok, which resulted in winning 9 gold, silver and bronze medals.

In 2016 and 2019, he won two bronze medals in the World Martial Arts Masterships in Cheongju.

In other words, he announced his decision to enter the field of mixed martial arts competitions and said: “Currently with the Venum Training Camp.”

I have a contract; But I will come to the United States soon to negotiate with some reputable organizations, the details of which I will explain soon.