Remaining Justice World Tour dates are canceled by Justin Bieber

Fans of Justin Bieber who have been eagerly awaiting new tour dates have been informed that the shows will not go ahead.

Bieber’s website does not currently list any dates, but fan sites have reported that the remaining dates of the Canadian singer’s Justice World Tour have been canceled.

All concerts in the United States, Ireland, France, Poland, Australia, the United States, Denmark, and the Czech Republic are also listed as canceled on the website of ticket seller Ticketmaster. According to the organizer of the event, Live Nation Tero, the same is true for Bieber’s performance in Bangkok, Thailand.

The artist and his representatives have not explained or commented on the cancellations.

On Tuesday, an email from the events company AXS was sent to fans in London, where Bieber was originally scheduled to perform in February. The message read: “We regret to inform you that the Justin Bieber shows planned to take place at The O2 arena have been cancelled.”

“We understand you will be disappointed and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause,” it said, adding that refunds will be issued.

Due to having Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome, which has left Bieber’s face partially paralyzed, he first announced that he would be taking a break from performing in June, one month after his tour began.

At the end of July, the pop star resumed her touring schedule.

However, the singer stated in a statement that was published on Twitter in September that traveling to Europe and performing six live shows had “taken a real toll” on him.

He went on to say that his health needs to be “the priority” right now: “I’m going to be ok, but I need time to rest and get better.”