Recently delivered DE JJ Watt shouldn’t be among 49ers free agent goal

The Houston Texans added a critical name to the free agent market when they delivered guarded end JJ Watt. While a group like San Francisco needing edge help may wander a gander at the five-time First-Team All-Pro, it’s difficult to envision they truly kick tires on him.

While Watt is a surefire Hall of Famer with three Defensive Player of the Year grants added to his repertoire, his days as a predominant player on the edge are behind him. He’s set to turn 32 in March and his 9.0 sacks in 24 games in the course of the last two seasons. Watt has played only two full seasons since 2016 and just 48 of a potential 80 games, in spite of the fact that he posted 16.0 sacks in an entire 2018 season.

This isn’t to say Watt is an awful player. He can in any case help a group. Be that as it may, his sticker price given his list of references could see a critical expansion. ESPN’s Ed Werder revealed as numerous as 12 groups have asked about the previous Texans star.

The issue the 49ers face is the place where he’d play. His most important job now in his profession is likely in a similar job Arik Armstead involves as an edge-setting run protector in base bundles and an inside rusher in sub bundles. San Francisco has a huge load of cash tied up in Armstead and adding another moderately costly player to that equivalent job wouldn’t be a reasonable utilization of the 49ers’ restricted cap space.

On the off chance that they were trying to add edge help in free organization, it’ll presumably be with more affordable players who they can attempt to find a way into a particular job to expand their ability. Their exchange for DE Jordan Willis last season strikes a chord where they used him exclusively as an edge rusher and didn’t request that he drop in inclusion or be a run-stuffing cautious end.

Kerry Hyder Jr. is likewise falling off an astounding year and now would almost certainly be as important to the 49ers’ guard as Watt, yet at a lesser sticker price. In the event that they planned to invest some in free office, it’d profit them to attempt to hold Hyder as opposed to pursuing the greater name.

With any semblance of Trent Williams, Kyle Juszcyzk and K’Waun Williams set to hit free office for the 49ers, they must spend carefully. Adding an edge player isn’t impossible, yet Watt shouldn’t be the player they’re focusing on.