Florentino Perez has said he’s “completely sure” Real Madrid and other Super League members will not be tossed out of this current season’s Champions League over their part in the proposed breakaway gathering – and impacted the ebb and flow rivalry’s arrangement, saying it’s “only attractive from the quarterfinals” and clubs “will all die” without major reform.

Madrid president Perez – one of the main thrusts behind the Super League project, who has been named as its director – is the primary senior leader associated with the arrangement to talk openly since Sunday’s declaration.

“The Champions League is attractive from the quarterfinals, that’s all,” he told late-night Spanish talk show El Chiringuito. “We play against small teams that aren’t attractive. Young people prefer to entertain themselves with other things. But if we do it all season, five games on Tuesday, five on Wednesday, that would be unstoppable.

“What would bring in money is the 15 clubs playing each other every week. That’s the greatest show in the world, there’s nothing like it,” he added. “A Real Madrid-Manchester [United] or a Barcelona-Milan is more attractive than Manchester [United] against a small club.

“What does the world demand? We have fans in Singapore, in China, all around the world, you see that on social media, the followers they have. That’s what brings in money.”

12 clubs – AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Internazionale, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur – have joined the ESL as establishing individuals.

The breakaway rivalry, proposed as a swap for UEFA’s Champions League – which reported its own arrangements for change on Monday – has said that three additional clubs are required to join, while another five would qualify dependent on execution.

“Today, with the income from the Champions League as it is, we’ll die,” Perez said, stressing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. “Less audience, less money. We’ll all die, the big clubs, the medium-size clubs, the small clubs. They say the new Champions League format will come in by 2024, we’ll be dead by then.”

Perez is the Super League’s first director, while Andrea Agnelli of Juventus and Joel Glazer of Manchester United have been named as bad habit administrators.

The task has met vociferous analysis from football’s overseeing bodies, fans and other prominent clubs who are not included.

La Liga considered the ESL a “selfish, egotistical proposal designed to further enrich the already super rich” in an articulation on Monday.

Sevilla – as of now in fourth spot in La Liga behind the three ESL benefactors Atletico, Real and Barca – communicated their “complete rejection of a tournament based exclusively on economic parameters.”

Perez, 74, who was reappointed without resistance as Real Madrid president for an additional four-year term recently, likewise dismissed the idea that the club could be tossed out of this current season’s Champions League.

Madrid are because of face Chelsea in the principal leg of their elimination round on Tuesday, April 27, preceding the return leg on Wednesday, May 5.

“They won’t throw Madrid out of the Champions League, for sure,” Perez said. “Not Madrid or [Manchester] City or anyone. I’m completely sure. Or La Liga either.”

Jesper Moller, the Danish individual from UEFA’s leader advisory group, said on Monday that he anticipated Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City to be eliminated from the competition.

Perez likewise demanded that players “can be totally quiet” about being prohibited from taking part in UEFA and FIFA global competitions like the World Cup, “because that won’t happen.”

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