Raising the bar for others, both in business and sports, enter Khalid Nasser

The Dubai-based entrepreneur and boxer has come a long way in his journey, all on his own, thriving on his dedication and passion for his work.

A close look around will let people know how a few individuals created their own success paths and went ahead to becoming compelling personalities in their respective industries. A closer gaze will also let them know how things because of these youngsters changed massively in the industries they stepped in, as they brought in newer and influential ideas to work on, changing the game of their niches for the better. We saw how Khalid Nasser did the same in both sports and entrepreneurship, emerging as a well-recognized name in both. He did not have it easy, but what is attractive about his journey is how well he exceeded boundaries and created opportunities for him to get where he stands today proudly.

Khalid Nasser is not an average guy from the neighborhood vying to make it huge in his career; he is beyond all of that, which he has proved by the incredible success he has created for himself. Taking great inspiration from the success of his mother, Salma Khan, the renowned veteran designer, he took one day at a time, went with the flow and acquired great knowledge and practice as a boxer and also as a businessman.

Running multiple businesses in the form of two water brands, namely Aqua Kingdom and Shukran Water and also his ring-gear brand SK Boxing Kits, he showcased his A-game in business. He did all of this while day and night practicing his game as a boxer and sharpening his skills to get better after each game.

Managing so much at such as young age, while being in his early thirties, Khalid Nasser confesses to having faced several hurdles on his path. This did slow the process of success for him, but he never lost hope. This trait of never giving up and always believing in his innate skills and talents helped him reach where he stands today. 

Even after achieving so much so early in life, Khalid Nasser (@khalid_nasser1) is determined to do much more in the coming years, create his own legacy and also do more charitable works.