Talking with Dan Patrick on Thursday, the Chiefs quarterback said the house he’s structure will have some extraordinary highlights.

On Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes talked with NBC Sports’ Dan Patrick. Their 13-minute discussion covered a great deal of things that we’ve been hearing Mahomes talk about — however he broke some new ground, as well.

Mahomes kidded that with his new agreement, he would have been around Kansas City “for a couple of years,” so he’s putting down certain roots. He’s purchased a “plot of land” in the zone, where he will fabricate a house. It will have a few… uhhh… additional conveniences.

Mahomes didn’t chip by they way he would have the option to have a total exercise on a field that is only 50 yards in length; it seems like he’d need to save his more extended passes for the Chiefs’ training office. Yet, he was happy to talk in explicit terms about the clear blackout he endured in the Divisional round game against the Cleveland Browns.

Gotten some information about Chiefs Eric Bieniemy, Mahomes said he was “astounded” that the group’s hostile organizer hadn’t been employed as a lead trainer, saying that he has the “uncommon ability” needed to lead a NFL storage space — and has more to do with the group’s hostile exhibition than most figure it out.

Mahomes said that he is additionally associated with the way toward creating approaches with Reid, Bieniemy and quarterbacks mentor Mike Kafka.

He additionally said that he’s sufficient associated with the cycle that when he was scheduled to pass on the Week 17 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, he made up his own 15-play hostile content — just to check whether he could foresee what the mentors would choose.

It was an enlightening, fun conversation with probably the best game questioners in the business. Watch it above or click here to see the whole meeting.

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