You can’t actually stop Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, you can dare to dream to contain him. New York Jets mentor Robert Saleh realizes that well. Mahomes pulled off an amazing rebound against Saleh’s San Francisco 49ers guard in Super Bowl LIV.

A year eliminated from that misfortune, Saleh is attempting to pay things forward for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At the point when asked what guidance he would provide for the Bucs’ guarded line, Saleh revealed to them not to be tricked by Mahomes’ “little elderly person run,” as per Pro Football Talk.

Mahomes didn’t resent that remark. He adored it.

Saleh was alluding to Mahomes’ versatility. When running up to the group, Mahomes may resemble a “little elderly person,” however once the play begins, Mahomes turns on the planes. Saleh’s message was generally about Bucs protectors never lowering their defenses. On the off chance that they do, Mahomes can broaden plays and beat them.

Saleh’s full remark read:

“You’ve gotta be tenacious. You must be persevering. Exactly when you figure you may have him, he may stage two stages back and lose his back foot. That is to say, he has ludicrous arm ability, he has enormous exactness, he has colossal portability. Whenever you’re a pass rusher, simply comprehend that he may do his little elderly person run in the middle of plays where it would seem that his feet hurt, yet don’t mess with yourself. He has enormous portability. His arm strength is ludicrous. You must be persistent right through. Furthermore, comprehend that there could be a play and a second play that happens due to his capacity to broaden plays and make the tosses that others can’t.”

Patrick Mahomes hoping to win second consecutive Super Bowl

While Saleh’s recommendation is useful, getting to Mahomes in any case is simpler said then done. Numerous groups have attempted to stop Mahomes in the course of recent years. Few have been effective. Saleh’s protection really did a very great job against Mahomes in Super Bowl LIV for 3/4, yet Mahomes had the option to get comfortable in the final quarter.

It might not have worked out in Super Bowl LIV, however Saleh’s recommendation is right on target. Regardless of whether the Bucs leap out to a major lead, they can’t ease facing Mahomes. When he gets moving, the Chiefs are difficult to beat.

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