Once more, kevin Owens is wrestling

Approximately one month prior, WWE ran a point on Monday Night Crude that saw The Day of atonement take Kevin Owens out. It was a physical issue point intended to discount him TV yet bits of gossip immediately got out that he was genuinely injured and it turned out he had been working for quite a while with a wrecked rib.

Fortunately, the SummerSlam card was at that point full and they found a window they could give him a break to get sound once more. Apparently opportunity has arrived to an end, as he is back wrestling once more.

Without a doubt, he wrestled in a dim match after Friday Night SmackDown this week and afterward followed that up by working a house show in Ottawa on Saturday. He worked a couple of six-man label group matches, so he didn’t need to bear the whole burden, however he evidently looked fine and dandy out there.

It’s sensible to figure we can expect him back on TV whenever.