Alina Rai

Not Sent Yet: Actress Alina Rai Talks About Being a Model

London, England.

Actress and well known model in India today is none other than Alina Rai. We have all seen the stunning actress who become a super hit from her very first appearance made on screen. Alina rai started her career in Bollywood like many other actresses as a model first. 

Alina rai started her modelling career from a very young age in London. 

She had worked for many years learning the expertise of a great model. Being signed to an agency she had modelled for big brands in London. Gaining a lot of publicity and recognition in her work Alina was approached for a modelling contract in Mumbai Maharashtra. 

She began her journey in Mumbai as a model and worked for well known brands. It was not long at all until Alina Rai was spotted by the public and by the Bollywood industry. 

Infact we are surprised why it even took this long. Alina Rai went from model to actress over night. She went on to signing her first film and then went onto signing her several other films. with many offers coming and flooding the new upcoming actress become under demand.

She has become a star already and the excitement to see her more can not be tamed. 

Alina rai who has no Bollywood connections has worked extra hard to create a name for herself in such a cut throat industry and we are proud to see such a deserving actress like Alina Rai who is so effortless bring glamorous to our screens. 

The can not control the excitement for Alina Rai both movies Lucknow junction and sorry I’m late to release very soon