Nico Horner collides with the umpire in the outfield (update: ankle sprain, may miss time)

The Cubs already have about 57 players on the injured list, and they need a shortstop Nico Horner to join. And if Dang is injured by the umpire, it will be even worse. (See updates on injury rates below.)

At the bottom of today’s first, Jurixon Proffer sent a triple to the center wall. As Jason Hayward was about to throw the ball inside, Nico Horner hit the umpire who was going out to observe the game. Both went downhill hard and were reviewed after the play by Horner’s coach and David Ross. He jogged a bit to confirm he could go and he stayed inside, but it was clear that the collision hurt.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen that before, especially in that situation – the umpire was looking around without avoiding the players? He had no reason to be too close to Horner, never look down to avoid a collision. Unless I’m missing something (the video for the play doesn’t exist at the moment).

More if we have. For now, everything seems to be fine? I just hope that this is not another thing where in a moment everything feels fine and then when the body cools down, you start to feel it.

It didn’t feel / feel as clear as everyone initially expected. This is a terrible nightmare.

It’s good that x-rays are negative, but they don’t tell you much about ankle sprains, where there is damage to the tendon or ligament. It could be a matter of a few days or a matter of two months, if it is incredibly bad then come tomorrow.

I swear to God that if Horner suffered a significant loss there and wasted a lot of time, I would never forgive that referee.