There was also the “NFL Press Box Food Ranking” around Twitter a few seasons ago. By the way, when I’m not in every NFL press box, it’s going to be hard to get to the top of Raymond James Stadium. In the list.

So, we’ve definitely seen the power rankings as the season approaches, but they also come in different versions. Enter Mike Sando and Athletic who voted for five NFL officials from both councils to see which teams have the best chance of celebrating a Super Bowl LVI victory.

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The categories each team can fall into are: ‘Super Six’, ‘Furious Four’, ‘So you’re saying there’s a chance’, ‘Carry in the wind’, ‘The Mite Asterisk’, ‘Asterisk Jealousy’, ‘From the Cemetery’. Whistling ‘,’ Optimistic Overhauls’ and ‘Draft Order Dreamers’.

Those categories are listed in the best to worst order, so you don’t want to talk about draft status in September.

The good news for the Washington football team is that they are not in that final category. The bad news for the Cincinnati Bengal, New York Jets, Houston Texans and Detroit Lions, they do.

So where did WFT get on Sando’s list with the help of NFL officials?

Smack right in the middle. Group 5, ‘The Mighty Asterisk’.

Out of the group, Sando writes, “Thanks to the divisional affiliation of the teams that lost the record and reached the playoffs.”

Not much faith in NFC East this year. Despite extensive changes to the roster of the Washington and New York Giants and the return of Dak Prescott to the Dax Cowboys, these insiders and experts still consider the NFC former winner the biggest loser.

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Bulletin board material if you ever need it. Literally, every team in NFC East is in this category.

Out of the WFT, Sando writes, “Has the highest defensive ability. What can Ryan Fitzpatrick produce behind a questionable offensive line throughout the season?”

The dubious offensive line seemed solid in limited action in the pre-season. Keywords are limited there.

It’s hard to be angry at Sando or these officials, given how little you’ve seen since the first-string offense of the Washington football team.

The Los Angeles Chargers, the team returned to practice on Monday to begin their final preparations to host this Sunday so we won’t have a problem for long.

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