The league proclaimed Mon that 2 Colorado vs. Dallas games that were scheduled for Dec. twenty nine and thirty one are created up at a later date.

DENVER — 2 additional Colorado Avalanche games were delayed Mon thanks to COVID-related problems, which means the team will not play once more till when the twelvemonth.

The National league (NHL) proclaimed that 2 Avs games versus the Dallas Stars on Dec. 29 and Dec. thirty one are delayed. this can be additionally to 5 games qualitative analysis back to Dec. eighteen whose postponements were antecedently proclaimed.

A wave of coronavirus-related shutdowns last week junction rectifier to the closure of facilities for NHL ten groups, as well as the Avs. quite V-J Day of the league’s 700-plus players were in virus protocol.

Some Avs players took to the ice on Mon morning before the extra game postponements were proclaimed.

Make-up dates for the delayed games haven’t been proclaimed.