This journey that we are talking about today is about a lad who only dreamt of doing something in the gizmo world as he had a liking towards the tech niche. So, he jumped into doing mechanical engineering & this journey of his took him to places. Like literally, it took him to places of exploring different careers as well.

We are talking about Mohit Verma, only 23 years old, a Delhiite who managed his engineering along with establishing a career for himself at a very young age. Mohit’s journey is one to talk & discuss because he has turned out to be a role model for many around the country, especially those who are starting their careers & even those who are still at crossroads as to what to choose in their career for a better future.

Some five years ago, when Mohit was studying Mechanical engineering, he dreamt of curating a website for his passion in technology. And, then “The Techgram” came into existence. This website talks, walks, sleeps technology & Mohit like a professional tech blogger provides various relevant information about the tech world. Some of it includes app reviews, information on new gadgets, blogs on best apps, best phones, reviews on several tech products & latest news in the tech industry.

His passion for exploring various other fields got him into trying his hand in becoming an influencer of fashion, travel, lifestyle & even photography on his social media platforms. His sense of fashion styles even struck a chord with the audiences on Instagram & his account also speaks volumes about the passion he shares for travelling & photography as well. This somehow connects with the younger audiences more leading his followers to increase every day. You can even check his profile – @itz_mohit_verma

Apart from a happening life that Mohit leads to fulfilling his passion alongside his work, he also works as an Assistant Manager (Operations) with a digital marketing firm called Buzzone. And, to keep up with his followers on Instagram with relevant content, Mohit works before & after office hours for shoots. Till now he has worked with giants like Samsung, Vivo, Shein, Nissan & Amazon.

Sharing how he creates content & keeps it relatable & relevant, Mohit says that a blog should open with a catchy title that signifies the product along with a suitable tagline, a quote that is relevant to that product, mentioning necessary specifications & features & appealing images to go along with the post.

Well, Mohit has been a genius in his engineering days as well with winning many Robotics competitions & proving his mettle as a student. He efficiently managed both his studies & career & made a name for himself, all by himself.

If at just 23 Mohit could do all of this, so can every youth in this country if one believes in the efforts & the determination to keep moving forward & achieving what one desires to.

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