Meet 16 year old superstar Purpprxmi

For someone who seriously started rapping in 2019, Purpprxmi has amassed some pretty impressive play counts. He’s got a couple of songs that go viral, all with 500,000 views or more. His most famous song is “Intimate,” with 1.5 million plays.

Since his career is still young, Purpprxmi doesn’t have the most extensive music catalog. One reason is that he is very selective in the music he decides to release officially. He dramatically prefers quality over quantity. Purpprxmi said in an interview with Nexus Playlists, “I don’t want just to put out anything… I feel like now it’s turned into a quantity over quality type thing. There are so many artists out here just putting out anything so that they can get the next check.”

In his new EP Fighting Demons, the rising star shows his versatility of flow. Fans are on the lookout for what is coming next from this gem. Given his work ethic, we are thinking a new song will be dropping soon.

With catchy choruses and melodic flows, Purpprxmi is an artist to keep your eye on for the rest of 2020. To find out more about the star, give him a follow on Purpprxmi and be on the lookout for some new music from this upcoming superstar.