Swing, and a miss.

Major League Baseball tried to jump on the Yankees bandwagon and a mistakenly filled tweet deserves a hearty Bronx cheer.

Read “Next Stop 60,” a tweet from sluggers Aaron Judge and Gleber Torres, pictured exiting a graffiti-smear train. “First 50 wins,” reads a caption on the photo.

Two erroneous calculations were made in the wrong double game first noticed by the blog Hell Gate. First, the league was not allowed by the MTA to use the logo of the transition system.

Second, the train is not even in New York.

“Major League Baseball is well known,” said MTA spokesman Sean Butler. “The use of the MTA logo goes through a pre-approval and licensing process. If MLB had arrived, we would have included Chicago’s Skyline in their graphic, not New York City, literally the home of two of the best teams in baseball. “

In fact, it was like a triple play. Subway graffiti went out with a four-pitch walk.

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