In the busy & stressful life of recent times, being fit & healthy is truly considered a blessing. We all look up to different celebrities for their healthy lifestyle & exercise regime. Let us take a look at the fitness secrets of the gorgeous Liudmyla Tkachenko, the lady associated with Vogue, Elle, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire, and some much appreciated renowned names.

Liudmyla Tkachenko is certainly the reigning name of the modeling industry & one of the fittest model/actress in the industry today. This beauty from the land of Ukraine is another fit model everyone should look up to. Being the face of so many brands, she has always been in great shape since childhood. Her determination and strong will help her stay fit at all times.  Liudmyla has a great metabolism structure & she believes in having a healthy body rather than just being slim. Her perfectly toned body is proof of her discipline, hard work & strict diet.

Her Workout and Fitness Secrets:

Her fitness regime includes workouts like Pilates, cardio & strength, and weight training. She also practices Power Yoga & asanas like Cat Stretch, Warrior Pose & shoulder stands. In addition, she also does meditation to relax and calm her mind, as she firmly believes in the significance of a positive outlook and mental health. She is not a gym freak & whenever she is busy with shoots or shows, she indulges in various physical activities like running, swimming, or simply walking. Thus, she stays active which helps her keep a well-toned body. Her fitness mantra is ‘Make fitness a necessity of life’.  She also incorporates dance in her fitness routine which further helps her shed the extra calories.

The Quarantine Workout routine :

Liudmyla has been working out at her home. She started with routines on her yoga mat but now has added different weights and equipment to level up her fitness game. She works out regularly & does cardio. In addition, she practices running, spinning, push-ups & lunges. Yoga is also an important part of her workout regime since it helps to keep both her mind & body in good health.

Her Diet Secrets:

She focuses on taking a balanced diet & avoiding junk food. She drinks plenty of water daily to flush out toxins & loves to consume coconut water. This keeps her hydrated & makes her skin radiant too! She is a vegetarian and eats fresh fruits & her diet is a blend of essential proteins & carbohydrates. On a usual day her breakfast includes oatmeal with banana and fruits, Lunch might consist of salads or a vegetable pasta while dinner could be baked sweet potatoes stuffed with vegetables. Liudmyla also emphasizes the importance of good sleep of 7-8 hours for a healthy body.

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