Kyrgios takes target at net rope during match

Scratch Kyrgios has targeted, for goodness’ sake, the net rope at John Cain Arena during his second-round conflict with Frenchman Ugo Humbert on Wednesday night.

Kyrgios, baffled with various let calls all through the initial two arrangements of his match, taken steps to quit playing if seat umpire Marijana Veljovic didn’t kill the programmed net string.

The Australian was called for lets reliably all through the initial two sets, and he was resolute time and again that his serves were not contacting the net string.

“Turn it off. [Umbert’s] serve missed by that much,” Kyrgios said to Veljovic while gesturing a six-inch gap, following a game in which his opponent was called for a dubious let.

“It’s ruining the game do you understand it? You don’t understand it. It’s ruining the game. How do you understand it?

“Turn it off bro. It’s this high off the net. I’m not playing until you turn it off. Even on his serve it’s up this far. It’s not just my serve.”

Umbert took the previously set of their match 7-5, however Kyrgios ricocheted back to require the second set 6-4, preceding the Frenchman again acquired the authority – winning the third set 6-3.

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