In sports marketing strategy, it is not only important to have a brand presence in the most important and most crucial sporting events, but also to connect the brand and its most important products with the most prominent names on the sports scene.

This is how Krono Polo has managed to sign several renowned polo players to be its brand ambassadors, teaching the attributes of Krono products in different tournaments worldwide together with large polo clubs, allowing the brand to rapidly position itself in the lens of many other players in different countries.

Among the players that are part of the Krono Polo team of ambassadors are Jeta Castagnola, a player who rolled over in the 2019 “Triple Crown” season in Argentina and did it again throughout 2020, managing to popularize the Krono helmet. Polo that he used in his different matches, in addition to the polo gloves of the same brand.

On the other hand, Krono has the player Millie Hine, who lifted the Argentine Open Women’s Polo Cup in November 2020 and months before she also won the Thai Polo Pink Queen’s Cup of the same year; in all wearing various Krono Polo garments ranging from her personalized helmet with the initials of her name MH embedded in the back, to pants and gloves.

Currently Krono has great players who decided to wear the brand to make it an ally; Players such as: Juan Britos, Iñaki and Cristian Laprida, Benjamín Urquiza, Tom Morley, Max Chalton, Mia Cambiaso, HIllario Ulloa, Facundo Sola, Tomás Beresford and Andrea Quintero are part of the team that Krono Polo has to spread the values ​​and quality of this company specialized in polo articles, from the hand of people who stand out not only for their great skills in polo but also for their moral and civic values.

Success stories have proven this over the past decades. A powerful and popular ambassador can make a brand relevant and connect with it in a stronger way. Hence, the big sports stars are often brand ambassadors for which the big companies in the sector compete.

That recognized polo players and of different handicap levels work together with Krono Polo is a clear example of the overwhelming quality that this brand possesses, which transmits security and confidence for other buyers who find the designs and the ease of the brand attractive in reach any part of the world.

Nowadays, it is easy to enter social networks and see that a player is using a Krono Polo item in different tournaments or international meetings simultaneously, demonstrating the participation that Krono takes on every day in the polo industry. The best of all are the affordable prices that the brand has without this meaning diminishing the quality of each pole implement, on the contrary, Krono is distinguished by the high standards that it currently offers in the market.

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