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On 14th July 2015, the Supreme Court appointed Lodha committee took the right decision? Should Supreme Court have agreed to hear a plea for lifting the ban on Chennai Super Kings? Fans were not happy and satisfied with the decision at all. Even the captain of Chennai Super Kings, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was shocked for what was done with the team. According to Indian Premier League code of conduct, if any official of any particular team is found to be involved in any kind of betting then the team can be suspended, and that is what was done with Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.

MS Dhoni is one of those guys out there who didn’t even play cricket but had lived in it. But without full shreds of evidence, the Supreme Court of India banned CSK which is against their dignity. On this, Dhoni said, “Match-fixing is a bigger crime than murder. No one believed that CSK could do such things. They accused the one for whom the nation comes first then comes his family and other things.

They dragged him in match-fixing. They started showcasing in media and social media as if the team was involved in such thing, and as if Mahendra Singh Dhoni was involved too. When you’re the captain, many times you used to think that what you have done wrong or what team has done wrong and you got to find nothing, he added. But after two years when the team came back, it was a great comeback after winning the title of Indian Premier League 2018. Let bygones be bygones. Now it is the time to prove them again by winning the title.”

Anant Singh Raghuvanshi
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