Rasmus recommends low-cost marketing strategies to help travel start-ups make an impact on the highly competitive industry.

With the global reach of travel influencers, people have ventured into travel start-ups, which is a highly competitive sector. There are hundreds of travel agent businesses in all segments of the travel and hospitality industry. To garner more clients, it has become crucial to building your company as a brand. The same has been devised by noted travel influencer Rasmus Peter Kristensen, who has cultivated a dedicated online following with smart work and innate passion. Rasmus has seen the change in the industry over the years and feels that to make a sustainable firm; one needs to cut the expenses and work on the branding of the firm. Rasmus loves to travel, and also encourages people to do so, as he believes that travelling makes you live your life to the fullest.

He gives tips to begin a travel start-up business, underlining the need for the owner to make low-cost market strategies like:

– Direct social outreach: According to Rasmus, the owner of the Instagram page ‘Resort’, when you have a restricted marketing budget, the best way to reach a bigger audience is via direct outreach, i.e. to create innovative hashtags that can help customers notice your business directly. One must carry out avid market research and figure out keywords that are common with travelling. By marketing your business on those keywords, there is a huge chance that customers will come in direct contact with your start-up.

– Garner genuine reviews: Rasmus believes that a comprehensive reviews-focus strategy helps the travel start-ups in establishing credibility among the clients. By using this, owners can reach out to a targeted list of travellers who seek reviews before booking any trip. Nowadays, travellers look up reviews of all the places they are about to visit, the accommodation, etc. So, it becomes very crucial to get good reviews which will inspire other prospective clients to choose your services.

– Side project marketing: Rasmus recommends travel start-up owners, to start unique and innovative side projects which reach out to more customers. Organizing competitions or sponsoring events can benefit the firm and establish the firm’s presence in the minds of the common public. This may not directly boost your main business, but it grabs the eyeballs to the brand.

Rasmus Peter Kristensen has used some of these low-cost marketing strategies to become a hugely successful travel influencer.

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