India rises to the top spot across all cricketing formats

India became the top-ranked side in all three forms, including Tests, ODIs, and T20 Internationals, following their five-wicket victory over Australia. In the ODI standings, India overtook Pakistan, while in the T20I rankings, India is ahead of England. They are in the lead in the longest format, followed closely by Australia. India currently holds the top spot in the ODI rankings with a rating of 116 and 4,864 points. After winning the first ODI, India (116 rating points) overtook Pakistan (115) as the team with the highest rating. Australia is still in third place, but the difference between them and the top two has grown since they dropped two points to 111.

India is now the best side in the world in all three formats of the game thanks to the new ODI rankings. With a rating of 264 and 15,589 points in the T20 rankings, India is in first place. In the test format of the game, India is in first place with 3,434 points and a rating of 118. After South Africa did this in 2014, the Indian cricket team became the second side in cricket history to accomplish this great feat.

What Does India’s Top-Ranking Mean?
Being ranked first is a major accomplishment for Indian cricket. It demonstrates that India is now among the most powerful teams in the world and validates the team’s diligence and hard work.

Additionally, India will benefit psychologically from holding the top spot before the upcoming ICC World Cup in 2023. India is one of the tournament favorites, and being ranked first will only boost their self-assurance.v