In the ninth inning against the Yankees, the umpire knocked the Orioles ground crew off the field.

There were a lot of moments to watch in the Orioles match against the Yankees on Wednesday night. Orioles center fielder Cedric Mullins’ leap to catch Gary Sanchez from the home run. Orioles right fielder Austin Hedge’s two home runs, the second of which gave the Orioles a bottom lead in the eighth inning. Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes Jr. hit the career-high 11 batsmen.

What happened at the top of the ninth will probably trump all of this.

With the Orioles sticking to a 3-2 lead after Hayes’ second homer, the Yankees had a lead-off walk, one and a double steal that left the runners second and third and one out. In anticipation of rain at Camden Yards, the Orioles ground crew waited with a tarpaulin through the first base line … until Punch Team Timmons signaled to everyone on the field crew to leave the field.

It is unclear why Timmons made such a move, which sent the ground crew into an outfield tunnel below the right-field line. On the Orioles MASN broadcast, Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer said he had never seen anything like it in a baseball game. On the Yankees broadcast, former Orioles legend Ken Singleton expressed similar sentiments.

However, according to the official Major League Baseball rules, the umpires have the right to make such dismissals. Rule 8.01 (e) states that “every arbitrator has the right to remove from the field of play at his own discretion. , And (2) no spectator or other person is authorized to enter the playground. ”

Moments later, as it began to rain, Brett Gardner hit a bloop single on the shallow left field and both runners gave the Yankees a 4-3 lead.

Aroldis Chapman, close to the Yankees, finished ninth 1-2-3 and ended a fantastic game at Camden Yards this season.