Ichiro Suzuki threw a 131-pitch total game against group of teachers

Ichiro Suzuki resigned from Major League Baseball in March, however throughout the end of the week he demonstrated he’ll never under any circumstance be finished with baseball.

The Kyodo News announced that Ichiro fit up for a novice group of nearby Kobe, Japan, associates and assumed the instructors of Chiben Wakayama, a neighborhood secondary school with a superb baseball program.

Around 3,000 individuals associated with Chiben Wakayama were in the stands, as indicated by the Kyodo News, and the game pulled in a tremendous media unforeseen of 80 or more individuals. The game occurred at Hotto Motto Field in Kobe, which is noteworthy for Ichiro. It’s the arena he initially played in when he started his vocation with the Orix Blue Wave (presently the Orix Buffaloes) in 1992.

Possibly it was the field that inspired Ichiro, or perhaps it’s that he’s as yet a world-class baseball player at age 46. He tossed a 131-pitch total game, utilizing an rubber ball that is generally utilized in “kusayakyu,” or neighborhood baseball. He permitted six hits, no runs, no strolls and struck out 16. At the plate, he went 3 for 4 with a walk — a very Ichiro day. Ichiro and his group wound up beating the instructors of Chiben Wakayama 14-0.

Ichiro’s group winning appears to be a done without decision thinking of it as was a sandlot baseball game and Ichiro is not exactly a year out from resigning from a lifelong that crossed two classes in two nations and went on for 28 seasons. Despite the result, he was plainly excited to be out there playing once more.

The mentor of the Chiben Wakayama instructors, Kiyoshi Fujita, spoke the truth about his group’s odds against a surefire Hall of Famer who was both hitting and pitching: “Sandlot players aren’t going to hit pitches like that.”

The result made little difference to everybody’s happiness regarding the game, however.

“Every member of our team is going to remember meeting the world-famous Ichiro,” the mentor told the Kyodo News. “It really was fun.”