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“I still have a little trouble,” said Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal is prepared to make a comeback. After being forced to withdraw from the Championships and forfeiting the 1000 in Montreal as a preventative measure, the Spanish champion is prepared for Cincinnati and, most importantly, the US Open, where he will attempt to win a 23rd Grand Slam title.

In addition to issue number one, he also discussed the potential opponent for the second round and Serena Williams, who will put her tennis shoes away immediately after the New York Grand Slam.

Rafa clarified: “It will be difficult at first, but that’s normal; we have to take the challenges. At these levels, it can be difficult to get into the groove if you’ve been out for a while or had an injury.

The level is really high, but I anticipate being prepared by Wednesday. Although he hasn’t competed in the Western & Southern Open in Ohio for five years, Nadal has only ever won one edition of the competition: ” Of course it’s always good to come back here.

I still have a little problem with my abdomen, but I hope to be able to manage it. This is a fairly delicate area, especially when I am serving, because I carry all the weight there. I’m trying to get to know my body more every day, including its limits.

I can’t wait to play again because up to now 2022 has been a year full of satisfactions.”

Rafael Nadal: “I still have a Small problem”

Serena Williams, who announced her retirement at the conclusion of the US Open, was evidently the recipient of some of Nadal’s statements.

The American champion’s amazing career will come to a close in Cincinnati. He said of the American celebrity: “I have a lot of recollections. She ranks among the most remarkable athletes in sports history, in my opinion.

I consider myself fortunate to have spent so much time on the tour with her. I regret that she is retiring because she won’t be around as much, but we should also be grateful for all that she achieved for our sport.

If she deserves it. She has been an inspiration for generations around the world and she deserves to make the best choice for her life.”