Rangers fans are devastated after their team lost on penalties to Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League final.

The match ended 1-1 after extra time before the German team defeated the Rangers 5-4 in a shootout in Seville.

Late substitute Aaron Ramsey missed a single penalty in front of thousands of fans.

Earlier, in the 57th minute, Joe Aribo was happy when he gave the Rangers a 1-0 lead.

But 12 minutes later, Rafael Bore of Eintracht Frankfurt equalized and scored.

100,000 Glasgow side supporters and 50,000 Frankfurt fans flocked to the Spanish city for the match.

Most of them did not have tickets to the 42,700-capacity Estadio Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan game.

However, Rangers fans were able to watch the match on the big screen at another stadium north of the city.

Fans returning to Glasgow Airport on Thursday morning expressed disappointment with the result but said it was a good experience.

The match featured Thomas Donnelly of Barhill in South Ayrshire and George Gotslich of Bishopton.

Thomas, who is blind, was given a review for the game by the club.

He described the atmosphere in Seville as “unbelievable” and George added that the penalty was an “emotional rollercoaster”.

Thomas said: “I would not have lost it to the world. And it would not have hurt at all.”

George continued: “We’ve been awake for 42 hours and we’ve been everywhere but it was a wonderful atmosphere.”

Another Rangers fan, Jeanette Hunter, said: “What a memory. I didn’t feel confident about the penalty but it was the best time ever and the players were proud to reach it.

“We’ll be back next season. Take care of us.”

Another fan who came home said: “I had a good time but I’m disappointed with the result. But I will not change it. I will do it again anyway.”

Supporters who left the field after the game told BBC Scotland that they were disappointed with the result but were proud of their team’s performance.

In Glasgow, hundreds of frustrated Rangers fans drove out of the Louden Tavern near Ibroux after Frankfurt won a penalty shootout.

The pub was packed, with some supporters queuing since Wednesday morning to get inside.

There was a huge roar from inside when the Rangers went 1-0 but it calmed down when Frankfurt hit back.

About a dozen police officers were out of Louden Tavern throughout the evening but there were no serious problems.

Fans who spoke to BBC Scotland on the sidelines said they were proud of the team and their run in the Europa League.

Even after the defeat, the mood in the city center was happy – and it was raining.

‘They made us proud’
One fan said after the match: “They made us proud. We did really well and that’s important. You can’t ask for more than what they did.

“You lose in life. If it weren’t for this game, it would be the next game.

“The weather in Glasgow is really bad right now, but I’ve had a good night.”

Another fan, Chris Strong, arrived in Glasgow from Sterling. He said: “Look at the supporters. It’s buzzing. What would you do if you weren’t here?

“It takes time. It took us 14 years.”

After the match, small groups of fans gathered in George Square and remained enthusiastic.

Crowds of fans barricaded the area’s statues and filled memorial benches in anticipation of entering the city center.

There were regular police patrols in the area in the evenings.

Earlier, former Rangers captain John Gregg, who led the team to victory in the European Cup Winners’ Cup final in Barcelona in 1972, appealed to fans traveling to Seville to become “ambassadors” and show the club’s “absolute best”.

He added: “Watching the Rangers in the European Final, many of us thought it would not be possible again, and I am very happy with the incredible length you are using to reach Sevilla.

“It’s important that we all act responsibly and remember the values ​​that this organization stands for.”

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