Not every spot on earth is devoid of young talents.

Hassan Ragab Elamragy born March 27, 2003, Egypt.

A talented kickboxer who has many championships and achievements at a young age, has strength and speed, loves to compete and train, and aspires to be the best kickboxer in the world.

Hassan started since his childhood in Alexandria in a small club where he was studying and working at the same time to save some expenses and his passion for sports came with a love to learn martial arts and from here he started training with great focus.

Where he employed knowledge in creating sports and entertainment content, he gives everything that is important to sports to benefit everyone, and he now has a lot of followers and aspires to reach all over the world to publish sports content in a wonderful way. Not complicated, He says I want all people to care about sports, health and self-defense because it is important to you and your family.

My advice to everyone, most importantly young people, do not give up and do not despair, everything will come, but you have to strive and believe in yourself, and the goal is to benefit yourself and others. Hassan Elamragy’s successful business is not limited to professional sports and content creation, but also supports young people with entrepreneurship projects and how to achieve yourself and what you want in sports or any other field Establishing a company for that for support and assistance, and it will be a successful project in the Middle East and the whole world to create opportunities, and that was contracted with other investors for material and moral support To make young people feel determination and enthusiasm in attending lectures by successful and pioneering personalities in their field to exchange ideas and knowledge for all and from here we create a community of young people or people who are inspiring, successful and beneficial to the world


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