Harmanpreet Kaur is criticized by Shahid Afridi for her egregious behavior in the Bangladesh ODI: “In women’s cricket, we don’t…

Shahid Afridi, a former captain of Pakistan, spoke bluntly about Harmanpreet’s actions during the third ODI against Bangladesh.

In a women’s ODI between India and Bangladesh last week, controversy broke out when Indian captain Harmanpreet Kaur lost her cool after an umpire’s decision against her. When Harmanpreet attempted a sweep shot against Nadia Akter, the ball appeared to miss the willow and hit the batter on her pad. Following confident pleas from Bangladesh bowlers, the umpire declared Harmanpreet out; nevertheless, the Indian captain was incensed and proceeded to hit the stumps in protest.

She also argued with the umpires as she made her way back to the pavilion. The tournament ultimately concluded in a stalemate with the two sides splitting the trophy after a 1-1 series score, and India captain Harmanpreet expressed her unhappiness in the umpiring standards during the post-match presentation.

The Indian captain racked up four demerit points, which translate into a two-match suspension for international competition. Harmanpreet might miss the first two games of the major event in Hangzhou because there are currently no series scheduled for the team before the Asian Games in September.