The Voice is back on television officially. Do you know what this mean? It simply means seeing what is going on between Shelton and Stefani. The couple did not waste any time in showing off their romance during the premiere of the show. When contestants were not singing, both of them were busy in teasing one another from their spots in their red chairs.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton shared an innocent and sweet moment on The Voice. You might have missed it. Yes she has joined the series by replacing the outgoing coach, Adam Levine and things had gone tense. The sweet moment was nothing less than calm after the storm that was erupted. It happened after the blind audition of KyndalInskeep.

Gwen Stefani was beaten by Blake Shelton; her boyfriend and Voice co-star however it did not end here. Stefani turned around. Not only had this but she also evoked a block to keep Shelton to select KyndalInskeep. Shelton was unaware of all that until and unless he turned around and saw the message bring scrolled in front of his chair.  

A playful act followed however Gwen Stefani softened the blow with her boyfriend. Hearing KyndalInskeep singing “Oklohoma”, Shelton responded in a way as if he knew what it meant. He turned and gave a mischievous look at Stefani. At this point, Stefani mouthed, “I love you.” Camera zoomed in on Blake Shelton and it was clear that he has no genuine animus towards Stefani who has been his girlfriend for long.

In fact, it was observed by people that the expressions were completely opposite. If you have missed the Romantic Movement, you can check it yourself.Regardless of the competitive atmosphere, it was all fun and gave a sweet moment to everyone that was really easy to miss.

The phrase that working together can make or break any relationship actually worked for these two. So far both these celebrities i.e. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani seem to make it work for them. The couple is known to be dating since 2015 and have kept the romance alive.

Blake Shelton has been serving as a coach since the beginning of The Voice and Gwen Stefani has been a coach since past seasons. It is very clear that healthy competition has not hampered the connection of these love birds. Latest stint of Stefani comes after the original coach exited the series i.e. Adam Levine.

The 17th season has been the first season without him (Adam Levine). Fans do have certain things to share. Loss of Adam Levine has been felt by the fans. However, they do have relationship of these two (Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton) to forgetting the ache of losing Adam Levine.

Whatever makes Stefani happy definitely makes Shelton happy too. Whatever Stefani’s brutal move did; all is well that ends well. It would not be wrong to say that The Voice witnessed a head strong performance, sweet moment and playful rivalry at best. Fans are anxiously waiting what else the show has for them in the store.