Google might announce its rival ChatGPT this week

Google does not enjoy being overrun by Microsoft and OpenAI. According to an invitation it received, it will discuss its current AI progress in a live stream on YouTube on February 8.

According to other media reports, Google might reveal its rival ChatGPT. Google has given Anthropic nearly $400 million.

During a recent investor earnings call, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that as part of Google Search, users will soon be able to “interact directly” with the tech giant’s own language models.

“This will empower them to innovate and build their own applications and discover new possibilities with AI on top of our language, multimodal, and other AI models,” he said.

Pichai revealed that Google will be able to use the language models to test and improve the technology in the coming weeks and months. LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), a conversational chatbot that a Google engineer previously claimed acquired sentience, is expected to serve as the company’s foundation.

Following Microsoft’s US$10 billion wager on ChatGPT maker OpenAI, the AI race is heating up. The latter has also recently announced that ChatGPT will soon be integrated into its cloud services.