The San Francisco Giants hit five home runs on Tuesday, and every one felt vital, without giving it much thought and looking back.

We should take them in chronological order.

The originally came in the fifth inning, with the Giants following the Philadelphia Phillies 4-0. It came from Buster Posey, and it was only a performance shot. A performance shot doesn’t do too a lot to take out a 4-0 lead — a four-run shortfall doesn’t feel a lot greater than a three-run deficiency.

Be that as it may, it loosened things up for the Giants, and despite the fact that you didn’t anticipate that they should run through nine additional runs, doing so out of nowhere felt conceivable. You immediately recalled Duane Kuiper and Javier López revealing to you only minutes earlier that Philly is where a four-run lead isn’t protected.

They simply expected to get that initially race to break the ice, you advised yourself.

They got that initially run. Buster got them that previously run.

Fittingly, the following homer came later in a similar inning, this time on a two-run jack kindness of Tommy La Stella. Abruptly the 4-0 shortage had transformed into a 4-3 deficit, and the game was not too far off for the Giants to take.

The Giants didn’t, nonetheless, take the game. At any rate not immediately. They continued to offer back all that La Stella had endeavored to procure.

Which carries us to homer No. 3. It’s the 6th inning and the Giants trail 6-3, and Posey walks once more into the hitter’s container.

There was a period where a beginning pitcher would not be permitted to confront Gerald for a third time when Posey had dispatched one off of him. This is not, at this point that time, yet Posey is battling like hellfire to bring back the past.

A performance bomb pulled the Giants to inside two, and advised you that this group can take one punch, yet a couple of them.

It was Posey’s first two-homer game in quite a while. I’m loving this turn of events.

That 6-4 shortfall held until the eighth inning, where things got truly energizing. The Giants got a meeting moving, graciousness of a twofold by Evan Longoria and a walk drawn by Brandon Belt. You may have ended up pining for a solitary that would slice the shortage down the middle, and give you trust going into the 10th inning.

Alex Dickerson upped the ante, with the Giants fourth homer of the evening and … golly. I could absolutely do that. Completely.

That gave the Giants the lead, yet with Citizens Bank Park playing like a Top Shot course, it didn’t have a sense of safety.

So the Giants mobilized once more, with singles civility of Posey (an infield single!) and Brandon Crawford, and Wilmer Flores stepped in and utilized his subbing in obligations as a superb chance to put a bow on the quintet of Giants dingers.

Five home runs, which represented the entirety of the Giants runs in their 10-7 win. Five grand slams, all of which appeared as though major leaguers halted by the intramural softball match-up to flaunt.

Furthermore, one triumph that came from constantly destroying an enormous deficiency, until that huge shortage was a little one, until that little shortfall was a little lead, until that little lead was an agreeable one.

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