George Best has always been ranked as one of the most talented footballers of all time. Best was an award winning Northern Irish International sportsman, who captivated his worldwide fans with a unique flair, never been seen before. Best had the skill and agility to beat some the best footballers of his era and his incredible style both on and off the pitch, went on to influence football fans by the millions.

In 1968, the Manchester United youngster George Best put pen to paper, signing for the most successful British football boot label, which prior to this was also famously worn by the likes of Pele, and later became known as the most popular football boot brand of the Seventies, they are the British football boot brand, Stylo Matchmakers.

After the George Best endorsement, Stylo Matchmakers sales skyrocketed selling over a record breaking one million pairs of football boots all over the world and in the months that followed, Best had designed and created his own line of fashion with the Stylo Matchmakers team.

By the age of 22, Best had undoubtably helped Manchester United win two league titles and a European Cup. He also claimed the Ballon d’Or and became the youngest-ever Footballer of the Year winner.

Signing the deal with Stylo Matchmakers was trailblazing and led the way for how professional footballers would work in the future alongside sports brands.

Stylo Matchmakers followed the signing of Best with the signing of the young Liverpool star, “Mighty mouse” Kevin Keegan and this started the trend as Stylo became the biggest and most worn football boot brand in the English game. This meant that Internationally, Stylo had gone head to head with the German giant football boot corporations.

Following the Stylo Matchmakers boot deal, George Best learned to commercialise himself and in turn became the world’s first celebrity sports star and football’s original pin-up. His presence in the football world rivalled that of The Beatles in the the music industry. The George Best Portuguese fans famously gave him the nickname ‘El Beatle’.

Stylo Matchmakers today is a brand option for footballers who don’t want to follow the corporate trends.
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