Free-agent shortstop Carlos Correa hires Scott Boras to represent him

Star free-agent shortstop carlos Correa has employed agent Scott Boras, Correa told ESPN over the phone weekday night.

On the forty seventh day of majors Baseball’s opposition, with transactions frozen and Correa still while not a team, the 27-year-old player joined Boras, the veteran agent World Health Organization before the strike negotiated $630 million in deals for Corey Seager, Marcus Semien and scoop Scherzer.

Correa, who in seven seasons with the Houston Astros created 2 All-Star groups and won the 2017 World Series, entered this winter on the highest of most free-agent boards. whereas multiple groups expressed interest in Correa, Seager signed the pre-lockout megadeal with the Lone-Star State Rangers for $325 million over ten years.

In a statement Correa gave to ESPN, he said: “I have created the choice to rent Boras Corporation to represent American state moving forward. Boras Corporation offers the very best level of baseball experience and well-tried expertise.”

Correa aforesaid he wouldn’t comment on the far side that.

depicted by artificer Endeavor, whose parent company, Endeavor, purchased 9 bush league groups in Dec. The MLB Players Association recently sent a letter to the corporate with potential discipline on the table for running foul of agent laws that command the possession of bush league groups, because the Athletic initial according. The murkiness with WME was the scenery against that Boras recruited Correa.

How the market unfolds when the opposition ends might depend upon however quickly a deal comes along between the league and therefore the players’ association. when a proposal from the league last week, a counter from the union might return as early as in the week.

Whenever the strike is over, Correa’s market — and wherever he goes when finishing fifth in yankee League player pick last season — are maybe the most important story within the game. although different huge names stay free agents — among them Freddie freewoman, Trevor Story, Clayton Kershaw and therefore the Boras-represented sticker Bryant and Nick Castellanos — Correa is seen as a franchise-level player World Health Organization ought to command the foremost.

Correa hit .279/.366/.485 in 148 games for the Astros, who lost the planet Series against the Atlanta Braves. Correa was a vicinity of all 5 consecutive Houston groups that visited a minimum of the AL Championship Series, and he was a linchpin on the 2017 team that later was exposed for its use of a sign-stealing theme.

Correa weather-beaten the boos of fans throughout a 2021 postseason within which he asterisked within the division series however was slightly below average together with his bat the remainder of the playoffs. His glove was exceptional as was common, and among the power of his bat, a Gold Glove at the foremost necessary position within the field and his young age, Correa has all the characteristics that usually result in huge free-agent contracts.