Former Bears star Olin Krutz allegedly attacks CHGO sports colleague

An upstart Chicago sports site has accused Olin Krutz of physically assaulting a colleague.

The website, CHGO Sports, which launched in March, tweeted that the former All-Pro center of the Bears, working for the startup, Krutz, had been released as a result of the incident.

“On Monday morning, there was an incident in which Olin Krutz physically assaulted a CHGO employee,” the statement said. “Immediately effective, Olin Kreutz is no longer with CHGO. Although we were shocked by this incident, we are grateful that the staff was healed. The health and safety of our employees is paramount and we will not tolerate any action that endangers it. ”

Kreutz, for his part, responded to the CHGO statement by tweeting a meme from Mike Tyson stating, “Social media has made it very convenient for you to disrespect people and not punch them in the face.”

Kreutz played 13 seasons with the Bears from 1998-2011 and was a six-time pro bowler.

CHGO is part of the All-City Network, a multimedia company based in Denver.

In Chicago, the company has hired several sports media members. Kevin Kaduk, head of content, leads the Yahoo Sports Blog in its heyday. He picked up Bears reporter Adam Hoge from NBC Sports Chicago.

Neither Kaduk nor Kreutz responded immediately to the post’s requests for comment. Kreutz’s agent declined to comment.