Final Fantasy is the best-selling series. This series is in the gaming industry for more than 10 years. The first Final Fantasy was released in 1987. Since then, the series has evolved with time. It has gone through a lot of developments. The animations used in the series are exceptional.

The Remake of Final Fantasy VII is one of the most awaited installments of the series. Fans are hollering for new information and updates regarding this much-anticipated title of the series. Back in 2015, E3 announced the remake of the series. The developers of the game are working on the installment since then. They want to give the game lovers a unique gaming experience.

The fans of Final Fantasy want to use special attack features in the world of Gaia. They want to gain control of the Cloud and have a band of freedom fighters to defeat the enemies.

The game will be released in the classic mode. This mode will allow the players to issue commands. They don’t have to worry about the blocking. The gauge fills up itself when you enter the battlefield. You can have a special attack or use a specific item to compete with the enemies. The choice is yours. You have to plan the game ahead and make tactful decisions.

Players who love to use their abilities to focus and think while playing the game are going to love the classic mode. They’d enjoy taking moment to moment actions. Fans who want to get the nostalgic feeling of playing the Final Fantasy series are going to love the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

The Remake of Final Fantasy is specially designed for modern gamers who prefer modern designs and settings in the games. The theme is going to be identical with a few modern changes. The artwork is extraordinary. The artwork symbolizes the original Final Fantasy VII theme. However, it comes with better visuals and more detailing. The previous artwork of the game was quite simple, the remake version is quite satisfying and feels more real. The clothing and hair of the Cloud also look more authentic. The ShinRa building also looks more portentous. The building in the original version was black and white. The developers of the game have changed the color scheme of the ShinRa building which is now black and green. It adds a more gloomy effect to the building.

There is another major difference game players would notice. There is a shining green Materia slot in Cloud’s Buster Sword in the 2020 version of Final Fantasy VII. These slots were talked about in the previous version of the game but never shown. If you have seen the recent trailers of the game, you can clearly see the slots in the game. Another interesting thing about this game is that it is not a game that starts in one go and finishes off when you reach the end. This game comes with several chapters. You have to go through these chapters to complete the game.

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