Ed Marinaro ran off stage after the NFL draft maker announced an extremely long selection

Ed Marinaro was tabbed to announce the Minnesota Vikings’ first draft pick in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon and was determined to make the most of the experience.

He just went a little farther.

So many days, in fact, the NFL draftsman had to run to the stage and ask him to wrap it up.

Marinaro spoke for about two full minutes on stage, talking about a variety of topics that the 30-second announcement should have been the most.

Now, it’s not that his speech wasn’t interesting. It even ended with a reference to the Green Bay Packers job and the “Blue Mountain State” – a decade-old Spike TV show where he played as head football coach.

It’s not just over.

In the 1972 draft, Marinaro was ranked 50th by the Vikings and spent his first four seasons in the league in Minnesota, where he reached the Super Bowl duo. After running back, his career wrapped up in the same season with both the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks. Marinaro has been acting ever since.

Next time, Marinaro will want to keep it short and sweet.

I mean, if he was given another chance.