Detroit Pistons-Denver Nuggets game on Monday Pushed forward minutes before hint

Monday’s Detroit Pistons-Denver Nuggets game was push forward minutes before its planned 9 p.m. ET tip at Ball Arena because of contact following inside the Pistons, the NBA reported.

Detroit restored a positive/uncertain Covid test on a player, sources revealed to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The Pistons were watching pregame film when they learned of the delay.

The NBA as of late settled on the choice to defer games in the circumstance of a solitary test returning possibly positive.

Detroit was set to play the second round of a five-city Western Conference trip in Denver on Monday. The Pistons have games planned against the Jazz (Tuesday), Suns (Friday) and Lakers (Saturday).

The group stayed in Denver, retesting players after Monday’s deferment, however was set to leave for Salt Lake City and is relied upon to have the option to confront the Jazz on Tuesday, sources told ESPN.

Monday’s down was set to check the arrival of two previous Nuggets – Jerami Grant and Mason Plumlee. Denver’s players could be seen conversing with and accepting their previous partners during pregame warm-ups.

This is the 23rd game push forward because of COVID-19 this NBA season.