COPPER STONE, New York – Derek Jeter spoke Wednesday about joining a new family – filled with great baseball personalities – but his own family was also at the center of his speech as he joined the Hall of Fame.

The former Yankees shortstop said at the ceremony at Clark Sports Center, “The love of the game for me and the success I play it starts and ends with the family.

Two members of Jeter’s family who attended none of his 2,747 career games were present Wednesday: his daughters Bella and Story, who sat down with his wife, Hannah.

“For my daughters, Hannah, Bella and Story: This day marks the culmination of my playing career, which was my first dream,” Jeter said during his speech. “Through all of you and with all of you, I live second.”

Jeter, after thanking his own parents, Charles and Dorothy, shared a message with their daughters about the mentality they had inherited since childhood.

“Bella and Story: I want you to know that your father was not perfect.” Jeter said. “On and off the field, I shared my mistakes. But I tried to do the right thing. I liked something that I liked and I worked harder than anyone else. I didn’t take any shortcuts to achieve it.

“I have zero regrets in my career, besides I have not had the opportunity to share it with you. What I will share is my story. Not much of what I achieved on the field. There are going to be lessons I learned from it. I hope you will always be proud of me. ”

As Wednesday’s inspiration brings Jeter’s playing career closer, there are special plans for his next chapter.

After the ceremony, Jeter said, “I am now looking forward to raising my daughters and supporting their dreams.”

Jeter thanked his sister Shirley and grandparents – including his grandmother, Dorothy Connors, who were present – whom he always visited in the summer in West Milford, NJ.

“One of the special things about today is that you get to share it with your family and you get to share it with your friends,” Jeter said. “Because they know more about you than anyone else.”

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