Football is the most popular sport in America. The NFL regularly draws millions of viewers every game, and more than a billion people around the world watch the Superbowl each year. For many fans, the dream is to play in the NFL or own a team. Not many fans can say that they have achieved one of these goals themselves.

But on top of a fascinating life in business and philanthropy, Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder has gone where most fans only dream of going, all while contributing tremendously to the NFL and his local community.

A Fan First

Dan Snyder has always been a major football fan since long before his purchase of the team. He used to attend games with his father, watching others from their home television in a modest house in the D.C. area. He now owns the franchise he grew up watching, a team that under his leadership has recently won its division, reached the playoffs, and achieved much more than anyone expected giving their lack of a franchise quarterback at the time. This has all served as a showcase of the leadership of owner Dan Snyder.

Achieving His Dream

Daniel Snyder continues to work towards his ultimate vision of building a football team that can win the Super Bowl. His moves have been called intelligent and crafty by sports pundits, and he seems to take a more active and engaged hand in football strategy than many other franchise owners. But the Washington Football Team is also doing a great deal of good in the community. The team and its associated foundation regularly host franchise charity events, and this has helped the Washington D.C. area and the global community tremendously. Currently, Snyder’s greatest strategic challenge is pushing forward and finding the franchise quarterback that has alluded the team for some time.

Business Dealings

Before his purchase of the team, Dan Snyder has excelled in the business world— primarily in the marketing industry. He started a direct marketing company in 1985. He would take on marketing for many major companies in need of fresh ideas, and he was quickly able to build the business into a global powerhouse. Eventually, Snyder Communications, Inc. was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, making him the youngest CEO of a NYSE traded company at the time. Eventually, his company was purchased for $2 billion, giving him the capital to purchase the team that it had always been his dream of owning.


Time and time again, Dan Snyder has shown that he cares deeply about his community. He is one of the most respected public figures in this area, due in large part to his work unrelated to the football operations of the Washington Football Team. His local philanthropic efforts largely focus on providing underprivileged students with the materials they need to learn to read, attend school successfully, and lift themselves out of poverty. He also helps with homelessness and other social problems in his community.

When disaster has struck in locations around the world, Snyder has been quick to ensure that people got the help they need. He is also currently spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund grassroots movements to help fight many of the social problems facing the U.S. All in all, he has given about $29 million to many groups, individuals, and organizations around the globe. This impact can be felt by the thousands of people from all walks of life

Personal Life

Snyder oversees his business, sporting, and philanthropic interests from his home in Potomac, MD. He lives with his wife, Tanya, and their three children. He is a lifelong football fan who considers himself a fan of Washington Football before any other role he occupies in the business world. Go to this page for related information about Snyder.

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