Dallas Cowboys annoyed by the number of penalties in OT loss to Las Vegas Raiders

ARLINGTON, Texas — city Cowboys owner and top dog Hun Jones created it clear he failed to pin his team’s 36-33 overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on the officers.

But he conjointly created it clear he wasn’t happy that they affected the sport.

The Cowboys and Raiders were every punished fourteen times in Thursday’s fete day game. The Cowboys were awarded a franchise-record 166 yards off those penalties; the Raiders one hundred ten. within the third quarter, Cowboys footballer Kelvin Joseph and Raiders safety Roderic Teamer were ejected following a scuffle out of bounds when a punt.

The final swing of the sport came on a 33-yard pass interference penalty on Cowboys footballer Anthony Brown, WHO failed to turn for a deep pass thrown by Derek Carr on third-and-18 from the Las Vegas forty three that started the game-winning field goal try.

“Well, this in all probability are going to be arguably the foremost watched game apart from the Super Bowl, and that i scorned that it got all the way down to simply throwing the flub and obtaining your penalties to induce your huge plays,” Jones aforementioned. “And i believe we have a tendency to were into that. Now, aren’t getting ME wrong, i am thus pleased with our team for the means we have a tendency to adorned in, adorned in and came back and vie, however it’s frustrating for everyone, for all of our fans at this explicit time, to own a game that had you on pretty unsure footing on wherever you were aiming to be along with your fundamentals, i.e., whether or not those were aiming to be referred to as or not. and that they got calls, too, thus it’s simply a bit off balance thanks to play the sport.”

But it wasn’t shocking.

In meeting with electro-acoustic transducer McCarthy before the sport, Jones aforementioned there was associate anticipation that it might be a high-penalty game. getting into the competition, Shawn Hochuli’s crew threw the fifth-most flags (153) and had the third-highest penalty distance (1,207) on the season.

“Twenty-eight penalties — i do not extremely understand what the hell you would like ME to mention,” McCarthy aforementioned. “Write no matter you would like, i am all for it.”

The Cowboys are among the highest-penalized groups within the league all season. They captive into No. one within the league when Thursday’s game with ninety one for 816 yards. The Raiders area unit second with eighty nine for 785 yards.

“It was clearly frustrating,” McCarthy aforementioned. “The game was herky-jerky from begin to end. offer our guys credit to still focus and battle. The numbers area unit absurd, positively perceive that. however rather like everything during this game there’s trends and patterns, and that we anticipated this game being officiated this fashion.

“But within the same breath it is the line that you simply have straddle. i do not wish our guys swiftness down and taking part in slower. We’ve tried that already which did not facilitate North American country overcoaching the penalties a couple of weeks back. We’re aiming to get on my feet on the balls of our feet and keep fighting. we have to actually specialize in our fundamentals and end plays. We’ll take a tough look into it. we have a tendency to assess the penalties weekly. we have a tendency to break them down and it’ll be a part of our elementary stress as we have a tendency to make preparations for the Saints.”

Brown’s penalties accounted for ninety one yards. he’s the third player since 2000 to own been flagged fourfold for defensive pass interference in a very single game, change of integrity Trayvon Mullen and Xavien Howard.

Brown referred to as it “one of them days,” though when one breakup within the second quarter he gave the impression to jokingly search for a flag on him from the officers.

“As a DB, you certainly have to be compelled to have a brief memory, on to consecutive play,” Brown aforementioned. “We’re in it till the top. sadly, that last penalty was crucial. We’ve simply have to be compelled to keep fighting. we won’t management once the referee is throwing flags or not throwing flags. we won’t argue with them as a result of it isn’t aiming to modification something.”

Micah Parsons was necessitated a roughing-the-passer penalty once it appeared Carr fell into him.

“I suppose we must always be taking part in soccer, not tag,” aforementioned the tiro linebacker.

The Cowboys conjointly had a possible fumble recovery upturned within the half when Jayron Kearse gave the impression to poke the ball free from end Darren jazzman. The replay official determined the pass was incomplete, and McCarthy couldn’t challenge.

“I was truly on the sideline with my helmet off celebrating with my teammates,” Kearse aforementioned. “I cannot management the decision that they create. i can not management that. We’re simply aiming to keep taking part in soccer. to every his own. will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} flip the film on and everyone that watches it can see what went on. i have not seen the play. I simply understand from my purpose of read that i believed he was running with the ball, personally. Like I aforementioned, it is the umpirage that we have a tendency to got tonight. we have a tendency to simply have to be compelled to brook it.”