Brooklyn Nets’ next to a pair of games deferred amid COVID-19 surge

The NBA has deferred the Nets’ next 2 games owing to the COVID-19 surge that has decimated Brooklyn’s list.

Brooklyn’s home games Sunday against the Denver Nuggets and weekday against the Washington Wizards are deferred, the NBA declared Sunday.

The Nets presently have ten players within the league’s health and safety protocols, together with stars Kevin historiographer, James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

The Cavaliers and Hawks had their Sunday game deferred similarly when Cleveland had 5 players take a look at positive for COVID-19 on Sunday. The Pelicans’ game Sunday against the 76ers and {also the} Magic’s game weekday against the Raptors also were deferred.

In total, the NBA has deferred seven games this season. The Chicago Bulls had 2 games deferred last week however ar scheduled to be back in action Sunday night reception against the la Lakers.