The Bruins have played four league-low games, but that hasn’t stopped Brad Marchand from his usual highbrow.

With four goals and seven points from four games, Marchand is tied for the 19th-highest score in the league this year, and all 18 players ahead of Marchand have played at least one game more than Marchand. That hot-speed marquee would also go crazy (and probably not, at least on goal lead) 82-goal, 144-point speed.

But Marchand doesn’t think he wants to reach the level he wants this season.

“I don’t really think I’ve played my best hockey,” Marchand admitted. “Whatever the points, I think I can be better, I can manage the puck better. I got tired of playing some games. “

Just talking with open eyes: Marchand doesn’t look tired. He’s the same on-puck, all-group player who runs Boston’s first line. But if you’re looking for anything to nitpick, Marchand’s point may be entirely related to his line, as there are a few instances where his line has passed an extra instead of believing his lethal shot.

Still, Marchand has taken full advantage of his opportunities while looking for the next level.

“I think sometimes things go your way, you get bounced at the right time,” Marchand said. “I still think I can be better than I used to be. Points are a part of that, of course, but I want to be happy about where I’m playing and how I’m playing, and I’m not happy enough about the situation yet. “

One thing is for sure: if Marchand was happier with this game, the rest of the NHL would be real, really pathetic.

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