Bill Belichick Again ‘Exposed’ By Tom Brady Bucs? Skip Bayless Explains

How did Skip Bayless respond to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ divisional-round success over the New Orleans Saints?

By thumping the equivalent, old drum, obviously.

Bayless has focused on Bill Belichick on a few events this season in wake of Tom Brady’s takeoff from the New England Patriots, and he did so again Monday, one day after Tampa Bay punched its pass to the NFC Championship Game.

Brady and the Bucs are one triumph away from Super Bowl LV, though Belichick and the Patriots missed the end of the season games totally in the wake of going 7-9 with Cam Newton under focus.

“Bill Belichick by and by is getting uncovered as a mentor as well as a group manufacturer,” Bayless said on FS1’s “Undisputed.” “Substantially more as a group developer than a mentor. Since I thought at minutes this year, I thought his guard was very acceptable. At minutes, they got a great deal out of Cam. However, sufficiently not, to the point that Cam’s not going to be back.”

Tampa Bay’s prosperity isn’t just about Brady. Similarly as New England’s battles can’t be stuck exclusively on Belichick.

In any case, the optics sure aren’t incredible for the Patriots at the present time, and Bayless can’t resist the urge to keep thinking about whether group proprietor Robert Kraft laments pretty much picking his lead trainer over his long-lasting quarterback.

“Robert Kraft must shake his head — unobtrusively; he’ll never state so openly,” Bayless said. “Yet, saying, ‘Damn it, what were we thinking?’ Because I guarantee you today you will see significantly more No. 12 Buccaneers shirts spring up in and around Boston. You watch.”

Generally, it’s ludicrous to remove anything from Belichick’s heritage dependent on one season. The Patriots’ two-decade line was the result of both him and Brady being the awesome their separate positions.

Try not to advise that to Bayless, however. He’s been all over Belichick for quite a long time, and that analysis may arrive at another level if the Bucs beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday as the Patriots sit at home.