Bhupinder Gujjar, a star of IMPACT Wrestling, chose his hardest opponent during a special interview with News Channel.

Popular wrestler Bhupinder Gujjar is eager to win over fans in IMPACT Wrestling, making him an interesting potential in the world of professional wrestling. One of the most well-known personalities on the current IMPACT Wrestling roster is Bhupinder, who was once a crucial member of the Desi Hit Squad. Bhupinder talked about his incredibly bright wrestling career during a special interview with Hindustan Times. The IMPACT Wrestling star also selected Rohit Raju as his toughest opponent over John Skyler.

“I played John Skyler twice. They made excellent matches. But my contests with Rohit Raju will be challenging. He is aware of my work. We occasionally collaborated as a tag team in other shows. He is aware of how I practised. He even knows what I’ll do next. He knows my moves and what I’m going to do next, so I always have to plan ahead when I have to confront him. Raju and I need to be a little bit cautious with one another, Bhupinder told Hindustan Times.

Bhupinder, a former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star, also spoke extensively about the difficulties that today’s young, gifted wrestlers are encountering in terms of character development. During the open discussion, Bhupinder shared his expertise and emphasised the numerous obstacles that aspiring wrestlers must overcome in the professional wrestling industry, particularly when it comes to character development.

“Because developing a character takes time and is difficult. Experience is necessary. My character is something I’m still finding out, but I’m doing my best. I also have certain improvements I want to make to my character. It can be challenging to pinpoint the exact persona I want to play in this industry, but after having a wonderful discussion with other seasoned wrestlers, they assured me that it will become clear with time and experience, Bhupinder continued.

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