As Per Gerow Hair Ink’s Experts, Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) Is The Most Sustainable Solution For Hair Loss

Hair loss, baldness, or a receding hairline have been causes of concern and discomfort to millions across the globe. And they can be brought upon by a series of different reasons ranging from chemotherapy, alopecia, thinning hair, and male and female pattern baldness. Jonathan Gerow of Rochester, NY, lost his beloved mother to cancer and was deeply affected by the destructive impact that the loss of hair had on chemo patients. As an ode to the memory of his mother and in a bid to help others, Gerow joined forces with former college mate and New York’s master barber Erik Roberto to start Gerow Hair Ink, a company that demonstrates scalp micro-pigmentation as a viable alternative to invasive procedures.

Explaining what scalp micro-pigmentation or SMP is Gerow says, “Scalp micro-pigmentation is a procedure that recreates the hair follicle in areas where hair no longer grows or is very sparse, ideal for treating all types of baldness, alopecia, and scars, thus giving a better aesthetic appearance to its clients.” Talking about the benefits of SMP over invasive procedures, Gerow says, “SMP is a viable alternative because it takes less time and is a one-time fix. As a non-surgical treatment, it needs no maintenance and requires no recovery time once you avail it, unlike hair graft restoration.” He further adds, “A surgical hair transplant requires that the patients’ scalp be receptive to new follicles. Additionally, he/she must have a viable donor site from which healthy hair follicles can be removed for transplant. SMP, on the other hand, can be performed on a fully or partially bald scalp without shaving or risk of rejection, provided that an experienced and skilled specialist completes your procedure.”

The procedure is not as easy as it sounds and depends on and varies from person to person. According to Gerow, “There are no cookie-cutter SMP patients; everybody needs a slightly different solution. There are so many variables, including head shape, natural hairline, ambient room temperature, skin texture, condition, and much more.”

SMP, although steadily growing, has much ground to cover to help people truly understand it and “reap the benefits of this art form on our bodies.” Gerow believes that “sometime in the not too distant future customers will become more educated over time they will know and recognize what a final result looks and feels like.”