Anthony Davis uncovers if James Harden, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving Big 3 can work

Gossipy tidbits are whirling that James Harden needs to be exchanged to the Brooklyn Nets to form a major three with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Despite the fact that the names look great together on paper, some have questions about whether the group will really be acceptable. Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers shared his underlying contemplations on the expected group up.

Davis showed up on Da Windy City podcast with Mark Carman where he discussed the recent trade gossip. While he hasn’t totally reflected the chance of a Harden-Durant-Irving triplet, he believes that the Nets have something great if the arrangement pushes through.

Recent reports uncover that there’s very little footing with respect to Harden’s request to go to Brooklyn. While the ideal situation is trade the Nets’ role players trade for Harden, the Rockets are not intrigued by that sort of arrangement. Or maybe, they need either Durant or Irving in return for Harden.

Be as it might, it’s an intriguing answer from Davis who’s going to safeguard their title in the coming season. Indeed, even without James Harden, the Nets are viewed as an authentic title danger.