Akshat Parihar – One Of The Most Successful Celebrity Chef And Is His Contribution To The Hospitality Industry Globally

Akshat Parihar – a man born with a gastronomical brain

Celebrity Chef Akshat Parihar is known for bringing a fusion of visually stunning displays using contemporary and classic culinary techniques, which has earned him the reputation as among the most skilled gastronomist of his generation. As a molecular gastronomist, he has also become synonymous with quality and excellence. While he is passionate about preserving traditional cooking methods and rituals, he firmly believes that bringing different cultures together comes as close to promoting peace.

Dabbling in molecular gastronomy and drawing upon his knowledge of international cuisines and ingredients, this celebrated chef strives to create visuals – just like unique art pieces made by selected components coming together to create stunning dishes that attribute his talent for natural devotion to wholesome cooking.

Chef Akshat has set an example in hospitality industry with his hard work unexceptional talent that age just a number if you have the spirit and passion you can reach at heights even in such a young a age, each project and venture by chef akshat till date are all success, it takes a lot of efforts, dedication and sleepless nights to make it all happen.

The  path to becoming a renowned chef has not been easy for Akshat Parihar. Born in Kota, Rajasthan, India, the acclaimed chef is always working hard to hone his culinary skills and he has no patience for anything that distracts him from reaching the goal he’s set for himself to attain international status as an expert in culinary cuisines. Cooking with passion is second nature to Akshat Parihar and he always makes sure that there’s never anything short of perfection when it comes to all the recipes he crafts. And as far as professionalism goes – nothing is handed to you on a platter! You have to work hard in this life especially if you’re aiming for a respected position in the culinary world.

In deciding to pursue his career in a creative field, Akshat Parihar chose to live by his own rules and embrace an entrepreneurial approach to success.
Akshat’s family always wanted him to work in the public sector or study business, but he was pursuing an entirely different goal. In going after what he was most passionate about, he found success as a chef!

Recalling the initial days of what ultimately crowned him as the corporate chef of a successful global project, Akshat Parihar recollects: “While recalling his initial interest in cooking when he was young, Akshat says: “Cooking is something which used to attract me. I still remember when I was a child after finishing my studies I used to watch cooking shows and channels until late at night, then find a way to sneak into the kitchen where I would experiment with what I had available. Often it ended up in burning things…”

Akshat Parihar is a man of many talents. Like most of us, he loves traveling and admiring the beauty that different countries around the world have to offer. The trip grants him access to every country’s ingredients and spices which he keeps as ingredients in his ‘creative pantry’. The most important skill for Akshat is patience because behind every single amazing creation lies a whole lot of inspiration and imagination which comes from endless efforts to get each specific dish just right! With such originality, comes creative genius!

Akshat Parihar believes that you have to sail through your failures because the key ingredient to success is learning from your mistakes. Have you ever heard how each failed recipe is one step closer to a hit? It’s his number one approach in business and he thinks it should be yours as well.

As a chef who has spent years in the culinary world and is continuing to expand his horizon, Akshat Parihar feels that the culinary industry is not just about having hands-on experience. There’s also a great deal of preparation involved – and without maintaining a sizable amount of creativity in one’s life, both chefs and their businesses will become run-of-the-mill as time passes. Successful chefs know that being unable to put your spin on things can make it impossible to progress.

Akshat Parihar says, “There would have been no better way to discover the world than through food.” An avid chef, he loves sharing recipes and tricks of the trade with others who are just getting started in their culinary careers. A strong believer in never giving up on your dreams – no matter how many failures you see yourself or others experience, he recommends that people take advantage of every opportunity they have to live out their dreams because very few people get the chance to do so. Says he, “never give up and keep trying even if you fail at times, as the final destination will be amazing and will make you forget all your negative experiences.”