AEW’s Tony Khan on the Daniel Bryan Rumors, WWE Changing Its Recruiting Strategy

AEW’s Tony Khan talked with Wrestling Observer Radio this week to review the organization’s impending All Out pay-per-see. Probably the greatest story heading into the show is the reports and bits of gossip that Daniel Bryan — somewhat more than four months eliminated from primary eventing WrestleMania 37 — will make his introduction for the advancement in Chicago. In any case, similar as with the CM Punk circumstance recently, Khan is ceasing from remarking.

“I can’t address that inquiry. It’s reasonable for you to inquire. Nothing I can address on the Observer today. He’s one of the untouched greats,” Khan said.

Notwithstanding, he affirmed AEW will have some new faces showing up among now and the year’s end — “Certainly going to make various increments in the following 4-6 months. Will be some action sooner rather than later. I can’t indicate precisely what it is nevertheless I don’t think individuals need me to.” Other names that have been reputed for AEW incorporate Adam Cole, Bray Wyatt and Ric Flair.

Somewhere else in the meeting, Khan examined WWE apparently changing its system in selecting new grapplers, putting a heavier accentuation on previous competitors instead of free grapplers. Khan reacted to that news with a few tweets over the previous week.

“There are individuals who look extraordinary however won’t ever be acceptable at this,” Khan said. “You can pick 100 gorgeous individuals and you may discover zero that are extraordinary at what grapplers truly do.”



Khan likewise talked with Dan Le Batard prior in the week about 50+ deliveries WWE has made since the beginning of 2021.

“I want to really put them over and give them some credit here on the grounds that they can’t hold each grappler powerless to resist them, they just couldn’t do it,” he said. “They attempted to sign such countless individuals and had cast a wide net for such a long time, that definitely, someone with cash and associations would have been ready to come in and start a wrestling business. The distinction [for some other potential beginning up], would be they were presumably must give it to another person to maintain the business. One of the genuine articles I had going when we dispatched this organization was all the institutional information I’d developed throughout the long term. You know, Dynamite is a show I’ve been composing on paper for more than 25 years for a very long time, and Rampage, its sister show, is a show I considered more than 10 years prior. So I’ve been needing to do this my entire life and I truly simply required someone to put stock in me, which was TNT/WarnerMedia. I don’t think it was truly conceivable to stop me for this situation, since, you know, I would have discovered a media accomplice, I would have discovered grapplers who needed to work with me, and I would have had the option to dispatch a show.”