This young Italian Fitness coach describes himself as “The Marco polo to discover your fitness treasures”. Matteo Arnaldi is the fitness coach who travels with you, takes care of your daily fitness and food, whose prime focus is your fitness and your life.

He tries to decode what your body needs and your mind wants and reconnects your mind and your body to make the journey of fitness as enjoyable as possible. 

Matteo’s training techniques are different and are tailored according to your needs. He doesn’t believe in the conventional methods; he goes out of his way to find what your body needs and the best way to achieve your fitness goals.

For those who travel a lot, he travels with you, helps create a fitness lifestyle for you and your family.

His Goal as a Coach is to eliminate stress from your daily life that will help build strength, length and instill confidence in you take the fitness journey.

He believes confidence is the key and that he wants to share his energy to make fitness interesting and innovative. He makes sure his clients are deeply involved in their fitness conquest.

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