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McLaughlin Sydney broke her own women’s 400m hurdles world record

Sydney McLaughlin is just 22 years old and is already a youth icon in the world of sports. Her net worth stands at $2 Million and most part of her earnings is through brand endorsements and government’s aid. How did Sydney McLaughlin get famous? McLaughlin was the first woman to break 52 seconds in the 400 m hurdles […]


How to Photograph Rivers and Streams

There are many reasons for shooting rivers and streams in landscape photography and there’s a lot involved so here’s part one (probably). Being in the landscape regularly will inevitably lead you along rivers or creeks. A lot of joy can be found being immersed in a shot from within a river. The bubbling rushing sounds, […]


Women Genuinely Like Flowers | The Effect Of Flowers To Women’s Emotions

Q: Society and media seem to try to convince everyone that men should give women flowers if they’re trying to show affection. But is that just media-driven fake news in an age of alternative facts? Should I try to come up with some other random gift, like a candle, to show that I’m creative or […]